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Why to choose Bighead glamping tents. What are our main benefits and why our clients will recommend us
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What exactly is glamping?

Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is that escape you’ve been meaning to take. It’s that little break from the hustle and bustle. It’s a moment by yourself in a secluded treehouse. It’s that chance to try climbing up a mountain or diving into the sea. It’s your chance to be adventurous, be secluded, be daring, be free – glamping lets you do all of that and more.


Why choose us & BIGHEAD tents:

– Each our tent is customly designed to fill your need
– Our tents are fully customizable according to your needs & your location
– Each our tent is first designed on computer in 3D. Once you approve it, we start with our work
– Our tents can turn your place in a unique and awesome location
– Our goal is to offer you a high quality products – no mass production
– Only high quality materials are used!
– Canvas is hand crafted to fit perfectly
– We can help and advice you with online promotion of your location / tents
– We offer you a guarantee on our work and material used
– We can offer you a hard wood interiour or you can decorate it by yourself
– You can order a fully equiped tent or just a basic option (without interiour, bathroom, kitchen…)
– We make sure all our clients are happy and satisfied with our work and our products

Why to invest in glamping:

– It’s Ecologically friendly
– It’s trendy, popular and looks cool
– You can’t get any closer to nature and still enjoy in a comfort bed, luxorious bubble bath …
– Return of investment is fast (if you rent it)
– The adventures are endless (your guests will come back for more)
– Tents are built fast (lower total cost of your investment)
– Usually you don’t need building permission for tents (especially smaller)
– Tourism is an ever growing industry

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